What is vehicle diagnostics?

In selected First Stop garages we use the latest diagnostic tools to identify faults or issues. Our technicians are qualified to interpret error codes and resolve system faults, across all makes of vehicles.


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The First Stop technicians receive regular training in all the latest technologies and have diagnostic tools which communicate with the different systems inside your car. This process will allow our technicians to detect failures in memory (default codes) and fix them.

What the car diagnostics consists of?

  • The electronic health check-up of your car.
  • Diagnostics of the electric parking brake system.
  • ABS/ESP setting of the steering angle sensor.
  • The connection between the ESP and the airbag system.
  • Diagnostics electronic air-conditioning.
  • Resetting the service interval.
  • Motor oil sensor.
  • Resetting the electronic valve.
  • ABS/ESP setting in function of the tyre size (change dimensions and/or winter tyres).
  • Diagnostics of the shock absorber.
  • Diagnostics of the parking aid system.
  • Diagnostics of the ABS /ESP braking system and replacement of the braking oil.
  • Diagnostics of the exhaust system.

Electronics play an essential role in modern cars. They contribute to three major factors:

  • Safety: Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Electronic Stability (ESP) and Anti-Slip (ASR) systems.
  • Comfort: air-conditioning, park distance control, GPS.
  • Respect for the environment.

When should I have electrical diagnostics carried out on my car?

Electronic diagnostics are carried out if a warning light appears or the vehicle system requests it and often after your vehicle is serviced.

What does electrical diagnosis do?

  • Checks the state of your vehicle's electronics
  • Detects faults and warns of serious failures
  • Checks safety and comfort factors
  • Used to customise the maintenance process of your vehicle

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