With over 60 locations across the country, First Stop (Fast Fit) provide professional car services including new tyres, brakes, batteries, air conditioning, wheel alignment, exhausts and much more. Many of our locations offer a robust car service in line with the car manufacturer schedule and Pre-NCT checking facility.

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Changing tyres: How do I choose the right tyre?

The choice of the right tyre depends on the type of vehicle, driving style, roads, place and weather.

The First Stop (Fast Fit) network provides all the details, but it is advisable to bear in mind the following recommendations before changing tyres:

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Tyre Maintenance

Tyres are essential to ensure road safety of you, your passenger, pedestrians and other road users. All tyres age and wear out, but proper use will extend their life. With correct maintenance and suitable driving style to match the conditions, they will carry you further and need changing less often.

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