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How do I look after the Air Con in my car?

The best way to keep your air con healthy, is use it regularly all year round as it can seize up if it's not used.

Air conditioning systems need yearly cleaning and servicing to keep them in good working order. A recharge every two years is also recommended to flush out the old refrigerant and regas with the new refrigerant. 

Signs you need your Air Con checked:

  • The air coming out isn't cold
  • It smells or makes a noise when you turn it on
  • It's weak or there's no air coming out at all
  • You're experiencing condensation inside your vehicle
  • Your fuel consumption goes up significantly

Air Con FAQ's

What are the advantages of air conditioning?

We don’t need to explain the comfort of stepping into a cool car when it’s sizzling hot outside. But studies have shown that it is also safer. Drivers driving a car equipped with air conditioning and running at a comfortable temperature, react more quickly and better. Its filter also contributes to a better air quality in the car, as it stops pollen and dust. In wintertime, you can use it to quickly demist your windscreen.

How often should I have my Air Con checked?

We advise you to make sure you have it disinfected and have the filter changed once a year. And have it thoroughly serviced once every two years.

Why should I use air conditioning in the winter?

Two reasons. First, you save time in the morning as it will quickly demist your windscreen. Secondly, regularly turning it on for about 10 minutes, will guarantee the long life of the system.

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