Bulb Replacement

Bulbs are an essential part of any vehicle, supporting road safety for you and other drivers.

Bulbs are used in headlights, brake lights and indicators - all vital for every drive and to pass an MOT.

Replacing blown bulbs can be a fiddly business. At First Stop we have experienced fitters who can supply and fit suitable replacement bulbs for just about any vehicle.

Why have your bulbs replaced? 

  • Ensure visibility in dark or poor conditions
  • Ensure other drivers can see your vehicle in dark or poor conditions
  • Brake and indicate safely
  • Keep your vehicle road legal

Bulb Replacement FAQ's

How to know if bulbs need replacing?

It’s not always immediately obvious when bulbs blow. If visibility seems poor or other road users flash their lights at you and you're not sure why, pull over and check your bulbs.

If you can hear one of your indicators blinking faster than usual, it means there's a fault or the indicator bulb has blown. You should get this seen to immediately.

How to check your car bulbs?

Checking your vehicle's lights should form part of your regular vehicle maintenance checks.

Headlamps should be kept clean and clear for optimum light output.

Check brake lights and indicators by asking someone to stand outside and watch, while you press the brake pedal and operate the indicators.

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