Caravan Tyres

Caravan and Motorhome Tyres

Getting your caravan or motorhome ready for a long journey is an important step for your enjoyment and safety. Tyres are the only part of the caravan which are in contact with the road surface. Safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all rely on the tyres’ relatively small contact area with the road surface. In addition, tyres also play a fundamental role in the suspension systems of caravans. With such an important role, it is essential that tyres are properly maintained and regular checks are carried out. With the correct care and attention your tyres will help to ensure you arrive safely at your holiday destination safely, without disruption and with minimal cost.

What could be worse than planning every detail of your touring holiday or long weekend - only to spend several hours on the roadside due to a caravan tyre failure?

Getting your caravan tyres replaced doesn’t have to be difficult, if you need new tyres. With a huge range of caravan tyres available – visit one of our centres to have your tyres checked prior to setting off your holiday so call your nearest First Stop centre.

Caravan tyre ageing

Regardless of use or mileage, all tyres have a lifespan. Even a caravan tyre never driven on will deteriorate over time. Natural ageing of the composite materials that form tyres occur from day one and it is widely recommended that caravan tyres should be replaced at 5 years old. To help you, new tyres have a date mark stamped on them to show the week and month of manufacture.

It is not always possible to determine how long the tyre has physically been fitted to the wheel on the caravan. As a general rule of thumb if you are in any doubt as to the age or condition of the tyre, don't take the risk.

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How Old Are My Caravan Tyres

Please see the graphic below which tells you what to look for on your current tyre to see how old it is and if it needs replacing taking into account the recommended 5 year time period that a Caravan tyre should be replaced.