Questions you need to ask when choosing a car mechanic

There's nothing worse than having car trouble. If you're a car owner, chances are you will eventually find yourself standing in a garage.

While the only thing on your mind could be how much this will cost, you should consider raising some other questions if you don't already have a dedicated and reliable car mechanic who knows your car inside out.

Car repairs can range from small, minor ones to large structural ones. Fixing a car tyre puncture or replacing your car's brake pads isn't as complicated as diagnosing an electronics-system problem.

Here are some questions you should consider asking when choosing a car mechanic.

1. Can You Show Me the Problem?

Ask your mechanic to show you the car part that's failing. You want to be informed and expect the same from your mechanic. Finding a mechanic who listens and can tell you in plain, easy-to-understand terms what needs to be done with your car and why is vital.

2. Can You Explain to Me Details of the Repairs?

When you understand the reasoning behind the repairs, you will be informed enough to ask follow-up questions, and better grasp the entire process. Ask your mechanic if the car parts will be new or second-hand and explain why a particular brand is used.

If extensive or complicated repairs are recommended, consider getting a second opinion.

3. What Happens if I don't Fix This?

Do you need to take care of this car issue right away? Ask your mechanic what happens in the long term if you don't get it fixed straight away.

4. How Did You Fix it?

It would help to ask the mechanic to explain the problem and how it was fixed technically. Don't worry if you don't understand everything said. The mechanic's intent is what matters here.

5. Will You Call Me With Any Unexpected Discoveries During Repair?

Request from your mechanic to call you if anything comes up in addition to what you initially agreed on. Unexpected expenses can add up to the bill, and you want to be in a position to plan for them financially.

6. Are the Parts and Services Under Warranty?

Always ask the mechanic if the work will be covered by a written guaranteeA warranty will provide you with additional protection in the long run.

7. Will You Provide Me With a Receipt?

Always get a cost estimate before repairs and service. Always ask for a receipt too. When the work is completed, you should be provided with a detailed invoice. Keep that for your records, so in future, if a part stops working, you will have proof in case if you run into problems.

Car repair costs can be completely unpredictable because they depend on the number and severity of car issues. We recommend you do a little online research about average repair costs before taking your car in for repairs.

You want to identify a mechanic that you can trust and openly talk about what the problem is, how much would it roughly cost, and if your recommended car repairs are necessary.

If you own a car, you must make sure it is safe, roadworthy and keep it in good working order.

When it's time for your car service, find your nearest First Stop Tyres & Car Services Ireland depot. Our trusted and qualified car mechanics will ensure your car is running smoothly.

Drive safely!