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At FIRST STOP - Banks Tyres we are specialists in tyres, car servicing and maintenance giving you a professional approach.

About Our Tyres

We stock and have access to a wide variety of tyres from some of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers including Bridgestone, Firestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Continental and Goodyear.

When a tyre is not in stock we can typically arrange delivery to our centre the next day.

Premium Tyres

Premium tyres (e.g. Bridgestone) are best for performance and wear. Typically, a premium tyre will outperform and outlast any tyre by a mid-range or budget tyre manufacturer.

Mid-range Tyres

Mid-range brand tyres, like those from Firestone, offer a balance of price and performance. If you have a restricted budget but are concerned about grip, fuel efficiency and wear then you should consider a mid-range tyre.

Budget Tyres

If your budget is tight and long-term wear or performance aren’t high on your priorities then you might consider a budget tyre. We offer a range of quality budget tyres.

Run-Flat Tyres

Many cars roll off the production line without a spare wheel. Some manufacturers choose to supply a compressor and sealant, others opt for run-flat tyres.

Run-flat tyres are a special tyre with a reinforced sidewall designed to continue to be driveable even with a puncture. In some cases, a puncture up to 6mm. If you have a puncture the tyres will be driveable up to 50 miles at 50MPH which should be more than enough to get you to your nearest First Stop/Fast Fit.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed to keep you on the road when the temperature drops below 7°C or when there is snow or ice on the road. A special rubber compound is used to stay soft at low temperatures. Also, special tread patterns provide extra grip to snow and ice.

Winter tyres are not all year-round tyres and should be swapped with summer tyres when the average temperature rises above 7°C.

All Season Tyres

Increasingly available on the market, All Season tyres give drivers the confidence to drive in all weather conditions; wet or dry, in summer and in winter. All Season tyres are specially engineered to work all year round and are growing in popularity.

Regardless of the tyre you choose, you still get the same expert service from our technicians.