Terratoura Range

Terratoura A/T

The Terratoura A/T is an all-weather, all-terrain tyre that offers market-leading traction, control & debrs ejection - plus Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake winter certification.

The Terratoura A/T provides the perfect 50/50 balance of highway and off-road performance.

Within just six months of its launch, it gained its place in Land Rover Monthly's Top 10 Tyres.

Terratoura A/T was engineered and refinded in the toughest European proving grounds to ensure remarkable perfomance across a broad range of challenging terrains.  

  • 5 rib A/T pattern design provides exceptional performance both on and off-road, and ensures traction in all weather conditions.
  • By stabilising the tread blocks in three key area - the shoulder bloacks and the tread centrepoint - Terratoura A/T ensures steering remains light and responsive on the road whilst retaining the tyres stability and grip on uneven ground.
  • Protruding saw-tooth shoulder bloks deliver mechnical traction in demanding off-road mud, sand and snow conditions. 

Terratoura M/T

Off-road exploration is effortless with the Terratoura M/T, with its specially-formulated compound able to withstand even the toughest terrains.

Terratoura M/T has been meticulously designed and tested at some of the toughest proving grounds to ensure exceptional grip, durability and control when it comes to its mud handling and off-road capabilites.

Whether you're scaling steep muddy slopes, navigating slippery, uneven terrain downhill, or transitioning from boggy fields to smooth tarmac, Terratoura M/T will guide you every step of the way.



  • Prominent shoulder blocks that continue around onto the sidewall provide excellent levels of traction - especially in situations where lateral grip may be hard to find
  • Wide shoulder grooves are optimised for efficient dispersion of mud, sand and other debris - enhancing traction and control
  • Notched alternating shoulder blocks create a 'sawtooth' effect, providing a strong bite when navigating rutted tracks and rocky terrains from all steering angles
  • Robust carcass construction provides high load endurance, as well as excellent resistance to damage and punctures in extreme conditions
Davanti Terratoura A/T
Davanti Terratoura
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