Davanti DX Range

Davanti DX Range


The Davanti DX240 is a low-noise passenger car tyre for small vehicles with exceptional wet and dry grip, with high levels of straight line and cornering traction.

  • 3 longitudinal grooves channel water away from the contact area and provide drainage channels for safe wet weather driving
  • Inner shoulder area contains open sipes to disperse water in wet conditions, whilet the angular bend in the other shoulder helps to contain noise and reduce resonance for a quiet drive
  • The outer shoulder consists of a contained horizontal groove to actively contain sound and provide a progressive drive with high levels of grip when cornering
Davanti DX240


An outstanding, versatile performance tyre for a fuel-efficient and comfotabjle drive.

The DX390 is a high performance assymmetric tyre for compact vehicles and smaller passenger cars.  The dynamic design offers a responsive drive in all conditions.

  • 3 main blocks feature a 3D design that dynamically changes performance as the tread depth decreases
  • Varying tread block pitch and compartmentalising grooves work together to minimise and contain noise
  • Flared block sections combine with a continual longitudinal band to provide excellent traction
  • Integrated rim protection to prevent wheel damage
  • 4 wide and deep groove channels designed for optimal drainage and excellent handling in wet weather


A dynamically designed car and SUV tyre for maximum grip and ultra high performance

Cutting edge tread design coupled with an advanced silica compound for optimim performance and a responsive drive.

  • Asymmetrically designed with a continuous outer band for advanced cornering grip and an inner tapered block design for wet weather traction
  • Flared shoulder block layout with compartmentalised grooves actively contains noise and delivers a quiet drive
  • Innovative block shapes vary with tread wear providing progressive performance throughout the tyre's life
  • Integrated rim protection to prevent wheel damage
  • 4 longitutinal grooves provide optimal water dissipation, enabling superior levels of wet grip


DX740 Image


Maximise your SUV performance

The DX740 offers the optimum balance of wet and dry grip, with a smooth, comfortable and quiet drive.

  • 4 longitudinal deep grooves run the circumference of the tyre to provide drainage from the road contact areas of the tread pattern
  • The inner block section works in conjunction with the outer-inside block section to dissipate water out of the central grooves and away from the contact zone
  • The outer block section contains U-shaped grooves which work to both contain noise dissipation and provide grip in muddy conditions