How To Look After Your Tyres

Tyres are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road, so it's vital they're well maintained.

Poor tyres impact performance, increase fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and can quickly become unsafe.

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What do tyres do?

  • Support the weight of the vehicle
  • Execute traction, braking and steering
  • Provide safety and comfort for passengers

How to avoid tyre damage?

Check tyre pressure at least once a month when tyres are cold. If pressure is too high or low, the vehicle will be harder to control, braking will be impaired, and tyres will wear faster.

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Check tread depth regularly. The legal minimum is 1.6mm for regular tyres, although a change is advised when the depth falls below 3mm (or 4 mm for winter tyres). More tread = more grip.

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Check tyre condition regularly. If you notice uneven wear, splits or signs of damage, visit a First Stop specialist as soon as possible.

If tyres have experienced an impact, such as hitting a kerb or a more serious collision, First Stop will check them for internal damage.

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