The most valuable safety feature on your vehicle

Are your tyres safe to drive on?

As Ireland’s leading tyre experts, First Stop Tyre and Car Services have unrivalled experience of keeping the nation’s motorists safe on the road.

Tyres keep you on the road, prevent your vehicle from sliding in the rain, allow you to slow down and stop quickly.

Tyres matter.

If you are stopped by a Garda while driving a vehicle with defective or worn tyres, you can get a fixed charge notice of €80 and up to four penalty points upon conviction.

Even if you’re not stopped by a Garda, your safety, along with the safety of your passengers and other road users should come first.

Most new tyres come with approximately 8 mm of tread, depending on your driving style, this tread depth (wear & tear) will reduce at different rates.

In Ireland, the legal minimum limit for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. Anything less is illegal. However, tread depth should be checked more frequently once it reaches 3 mm.

Why is tyre safety so important?

“Take care of your car in the garage, and the car will take care of you on the road.”
 - Amit Kalantri

Road safety can depend directly on the condition of your vehicle’s tyres.

The dangers of driving on worn tyres are well documented.

When tyre grip is reduced, tyre safety is compromised. The major cause of reduced tyre grip is wear and tear.

There are several signs to keep an eye on:

  • Cracking of the side wall of the tyre (age of tyres and weather conditions can impact the side wall condition)
  • Distortion of the tyre tread
  • Deformation of the main body of the tyre
  • Damage
  • Persistent loss of inflation pressure
  • Deep cuts
  • Bulges
  • And more…

(Source: RSA)

Every millimetre counts – check your tread depth right now!

At First Stop Tyre and Car Services we measure a tyre’s tread depths by using either pop-out tyre tread depth gauge or a digital tread depth reader. We take three measurements on each tyre to assess if the tyres are wearing unevenly.

Call into any of our stores for a FREE Tyre Check.

A simple and quick way for you to check your tyres before calling into us is simply place a €1 coin into the tyre grooves. If the gold part of the coin is not visible, then the tyre tread is OK.

(Recommended by RSA)


Now you can easily and quickly maintain a regular check on your tyres tread depth.

Tyres showing any of the signs of wear should be investigated by a qualified tyre specialist.

If you’d like to know more or have your tyres checked free, please contact your local First Stop Centre Find your local First Stop now.