FREE Tyre Safety Check

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You want your tyres to last longer.

You want to know the condition of your tyres.

You want to ensure your tyres are safe and legal.

You are not sure if you need new tyres.


Why not take advantage of our FREE tyre safety check!

Knowing your tyres are in good condition is vital to keeping yourself, your vehicle passengers and other road users safe when in your car.

Tyres are your vehicle’s only contact with the road, therefore you must choose appropriate tyres and keep them roadworthy. Damaged, under-inflated and worn tyres put lives at risk.

“Research has told us that on average of 14 deaths each year, tyres were a contributory factor in the crash that killed the people involved. The reason for this is that tyres simply aren’t on the radar”. (RSA)

What’s included?

Our FREE Tyre Check consists of a thorough visual inspection of your tyres by our trained technicians.

We will inspect:

  • Tread depth of your tyres
  • Check for cuts or bulges, and look for any sidewall damage
  • Unusual wear patterns
  • Tyre pressures

General tyre safety tips

  1. Minimum of 1.6 mm of tread depth the legal limit by law
  2. Replace worn tyres.
  3. Be on the lookout for lumps, bulges and cuts.
  4. Check the pressures regularly.
  5. Maintain good driving habits.
  6. Don’t overload your vehicle.

Bonus advice: buy quality tyres!


Be road safe and avail of our FREE tyre check today.

At First Stop Tyre and Car Services we are passionate about our customer safety.

If our technician discovers any safety issues with your tyres, they will offer professional advice and assist you in choosing an option that suits your needs.

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