Don’t let a flat tyre stop you from summer adventures

8 Reasons your tyres go flat and how to avoid the worst-case scenarios.


Family members? Check. On-board sweets and treats? Check. The doors are locked. The adventure can begin. It’s been a while since you’ve visited your family in the countryside. Your ultimate road trip playlist is about to kick off. The sun is beaming down. Not even your 5-year old’s temper tantrum can ruin your day. You’re cruising down the motorway on a fine summer day.

Something starts interfering with your favourite tune. You quiet the kids down. It’s not the music either.

What is that flapping noise?

You have a flat tyre.

And it’s not the first time it happened!

So, you wonder – why does my car tyre keep going flat?

The most common causes of a flat tyre:

  1. Puncture / Blowout by sharp object – nails, bolts, broken bits of metal, etc.
  2. Failure or damage to the valve stem – a little dirt inside the valve stem may cause the problem
  3. Wear and tear – our mechanics at First Stop will be able to identify when your tyres need to be changed
  4. Tyre bead leaks
  5. Over-inflated tyres
  6. Under-inflated tyres
  7. Separation of tyre and rim
  8. Road hazards such as potholes or uneven surface
  9. There is no way to guarantee you will never get a flat tyre. A flat tyre can happen to anyone. Also, a tyre that keeps on going flat can cost you a lot of time. However, prevention is better than a cure.


The First Stop team recommend a few tips on how to avoid this unwanted problem which are below:

  • Inspect your tyres regularly – good maintenance is half the job
  • Keep your tyres at the right pressure as recommended by your car manufacturer
  • Check the tyres for uneven wear
  • Check for bulges and cuts on the sidewalls of your tyres if any are found visit your nearest First Stop dealer
  • Drive cautiously – avoid areas such as construction sites
  • Check that there is a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm on the tyre (RSA)
  • Fast starts and hard stops – driving style says much about the state of our tyres
  • Look for good quality tyres

If you’ve experienced a flat tyre, the friendly team at First Stop is ready to help. It will take between 15-20 minutes for our mechanics to repair a puncture, depending on the nature of puncture. If you have any concerns or would like a FREE tyre check then find your local First Stop outlet (a link to and call in today.