Firestone Roadhawk Summer Tyre

The Firestone Roadhawk Summer Tyre has been developed with endurance and safety at the forefront.  It's been designed with a tread pattern allowing the maximisation of control in wet conditions, and a lightweight carcass for low rolling resistance.  

- Developed to last

- Best-in-class in dry breaking 

- Best-in-class wet grip 

- Permanent performance 



Firestone Multiseason Tyre

With The Firestone Multiseason Tyre you don't have to worry about being caught off-guard by weather changes, as it's designed for year-round performance, whether travelling through the chilling lows of winter or the scorching summer heat.  

- Compliant with winter-tyre legislation in all relevant countries

- Convenient and cost-efficient due to only needing to purchase one set of tyres year-round

- Designed to perform in all weather conditions, so you'll never be caught off-guard.

Firestone Multi Hawk 2

The Firestone Multihawk 2 is the successor to the Firestone Multihawk, further improving road safety and comfort. It increases traction in varying conditions - with the tread of the tyre designed to balance performance on both wet and dry roads. Improving comfort and safety while increasing wear resistance, these tyres will provide full control control of the vehicle.

- Performs excellently in both dry and wet conditions

- Updated version of the Firestone Multihawk

- Fuel efficient, comfortable and super-quiet 

- Braking performance you can rely on

Firestone Van Hawk 2

The Firestone Vanhawk 2 is manufactured to efficiently facilitate safe journeys for light commercial vehicles. This tyre performs consistently well, with improved fuel economy and great weather handling. 

- Excellent fuel economy, wet handling and rolling resistance,  

- Designed to maintain performance through abrasion resistance and robust construction

- Competitive lifetime cost