Cambelt maintenance


Why should you replace your camshaft / timing belt?

Cambelts are a vital part of an engine connecting several moving parts, synchronising them to allow an engine to work. 

Put simply, when a bicycle chain comes off or breaks the end result is that you stop sharply!

The difference is that a bike chain is easy to replace and does little damage if it breaks or comes off. However, if the car cambelt breaks or comes off, it causes severe damage to the car's engine which, in turn leads to an expensive repair bill. 

As cambelt failure is such a problem, manufacturers state specific intervals for their replacement, insisting it is replaced once its engine has travelled a specific distance (a typical example is 36,000 miles). Failure to do so can result in belt failure and an expensive repair. 

For the same reason manufacturers also insist that the cambelt is replaced once it has reached a certain age (a typical example is 4/5 years) for low annual mileage cars.