Driving tips for wet roads in Ireland

The West of Ireland gets about 225 days of rain, while the average rainfall in the South and the East of the country is about 150 days of rain a year.

That’s a lot of rain.

Irish drivers may be well used to driving in slippery road conditions, but sometimes driving safely in wet conditions can be challenging even for experienced drivers.

Simply put, rain makes everything slippery.

Drivers need to exercise extra caution when driving in wet weather. 

“I’ll just leave a few minutes early, be grand”, is not going to cut it every single time.  

We gathered simple, yet effective tips for safe wet-weather driving in Ireland.

  • Turn your lights on – reduced visibility is a safety hazard  
  • Slow down
  • Increase braking distance
  • Use gentle manoeuvres
  • Make sure your brakes aren’t worn out
  • Avoid standing water on roadways
  • Recover from hydroplaning
  • Keep your windscreen wipers in top shape
  • Apply brakes with a steady pressure
  • Stay in the correct position on the road
  • Expect extra traffic and stay patient
  • Ventilate your car to avoid the windows to become foggy

Prevent skidding – do it smoothly!

  • Accelerate smoothly
  • Brake smoothly
  • Corner smoothly

Tyre-weather relationship

Avoid hydroplaning by keeping your tyres inflated correctly. Maintain good tyre tread. With appropriate tyres, you will feel much safer when driving through water.

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