Three road hazards to look out for in Autumn

Autumn is the season of sunny and dry weather, with pleasant temperatures. It’s famous for its changing colours and the change in landscape.

Weather and road conditions change with the season. To avoid Autumn road hazards – get to know the risk and prepare.

We at First Stop Car and Tyre services are dedicated to keeping you and other drivers safe on the road at all times.

 Here are three road hazards to look out for in Autumn:

  1. Wet leaves

As the scenery is a beautiful sight to see, there are hazards that drivers often forget. When the leaves get wet, they have even less grip than ice, creating hazards on corners and curves. The longer wet leaves stay on the ground, the more slimy and slippery they get.

Dry leaves camouflage potholes, and other objects. Always stay alert of other vehicles and possible road markings that are covered up.

Wet leaves should be treated like snow or ice.

Avoid parking under trees!

  1. Fog

Fog is considered among the most dangerous hazards in Autumn. Cold Autumn mornings often lead to foggy conditions.

Drive with your fog lights on if you want to ensure maximum driving safety. That way you can see other vehicles and they can see you.

Slow down and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Stay focused on the road ahead.

  1.  Deer are more active

October to December is a high-risk period, as deer will be on the move for the autumn mating season. The highest risk of a collision is between sunset and midnight, as well as the hours shortly before and after sunrise. 

Slow down. You’re more likely to avoid a collision at slower speeds.

If you do hit a deer, report it to Gardai straight away as it may be fatally injured.


Drive safely and enjoy your Autumn driving!