Clean Your Car Interior Like a Pro 

With lots of nooks and crannies where dust and dirt can hide, cleaning the interior of your car should be on your to-do list, even if you aren’t driving far in the current climate.

Follow our simple five steps and detail a car interior like a pro!

It will only take a couple of hours, and you will save time and money by doing it yourself. 


Clear Out the Rubbish 


Used coffee cups, wrappers or tissues? Grab a bag and remove rubbish and any unwanted items from the car. Remove child seats and kids' toys, and collect your loose coins. 

You could consider a back seat organiser with multi-pocket storage and drink holders. That way, you can keep your car tidier. 


Bring Out the Vacuum Cleaner 


Now it's time to vacuum clean any dirt and grime gathered on internal surfaces, including floor mats. Use the power of suction to vacuum  the dashboard and centre console with the dusting brush, along with other suitable attachments. 


Pay attention to the car seats, especially if they're full of sand, pet hair, or food crumbs - vacuum  under and around the car seats.


If the vacuum doesn't remove all your pets' hair, brush it away with a rubber glove. Consider buying a car seat cover for pets since it's impossible to prevent pet hair from infiltrating your car entirely. 


Wipe Away Dirt 


Have you noticed how dashboards can start to look faded or dirty quite quickly? That's because dashboards are prone to collecting dust. Fill the bucket with warm water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. 


Use a microfiber cleaning cloth. Dip a cloth into the bucket and wipe down the steering wheel, dashboard, console, and door handle. 


If needed, tackle floor mats! 

Scrub them to remove stains, dirt, salt or mud. Let them dry before putting them back in. 



Clean the Windows 


Keeping glass clean on the inside is as important as cleaning them on the outside. Fingerprints or dust on the inside of the windscreen can reduce visibility, therefore your safety. It’s better to use an auto-specific glass cleaner, avoiding ammonia-based cleaners which can damage vinyl, leather and any tinting you may have.



Extra Care for Car Seats 


If you have cloth car seats, make them clean by vacuuming them first. If there are visible stains, scrub them gently. You may need to do this multiple times depending on how bad the stains are.  


Leather car seats tend to crack and fade over time, so keeping them moisturised is the key. Use a soft brush and vacuum them, before applying a leather cleaner and moisturiser with a clean microfibre cloth. A cream will leave a pleasant aroma, and it will keep leather clean and supple. 


Extra tip: Spray your car interior with a scented air freshener that will give your car a fresh smell and protection from odours. 


After such a deep-clean of your car, you will only have to make quick and easy touch-ups going forward! Keep a cloth handy in case you need to wipe a spot or clean a stain quickly.  


A cleaner car can leave you feeling healthier, happier and less stressed. Now, go ahead and enjoy your freshly cleaned and clutter-free car!