5 Tips To Get Your Car Ready for Spring

As spring is finally here, you might feel it’s time to give your car a proper wash and the shine it deserves.

Our spring car cleaning tips will ensure your car is working and looking its best throughout the spring and well beyond.

If you like the tips, make them part of your annual car maintenance routine.

  1. Clean the inside - remove accumulated clutter

That plastic bottle you’ve been planning to throw out since October? Throw it out!  Remove all the rubbish and clutter that accumulated over the winter months. Clean the dashboard, armrests and steering wheel with wipes. The rich looks of the interior will give you a pleasant feeling.

Extra tip: Keep a small basket in the car for all the bits and pieces that don’t belong there and remove it from your car once a week.

  1. Vacuum interior surfaces

There are no other means by which you can clean your car efficiently than when using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner removes all the dirt that we can’t even see.

Remove, shake out and vacuum the floor mats and door pockets. Don’t forget to vacuum  under the car seats by moving them forward and back.

Extra tip: Keep your car smelling like new with a new car freshener.

  1. Hand wash the exterior

Get rid of all that winter residue. Wash your car’s exterior to get rid of the salt, dust, and mud. Make sure you also clean all the headlights and mirrors.

Shine the windows. Pay attention to the corners.

Also, clean the inside of the windscreen. Cleaning the inside of your windscreen to remove dirt, smudges and film gives you a clearer view of the road.

Extra tip: Use microfibre towels – they work great on glass.

  1. Top up your car fluids

Top up your fluids for the best spring performance.

Check that the oil, engine coolant, brake fluid and windscreen wash are topped up. Call into a First Stop Tyre & Car Services if you need any help.

  1. Spring clean your tyres

Check all tyres for obvious damage and give them a good wash, especially if you were driving through mud, ice and salt. Don’t forget to check that your spare tyre is in in a roadworthy condition and inside the boot of your car.

Extra tip: Check the tyre pressure. Changes in temperature can affect the pressure in your car’s tyres. 

Pop in for a free tyre check at your nearest First Stop Tyres & Car Services dealer. Contact us and find us here.