When to Replace Your Tyres

Your tyres are the only part of your car in contact with the road.

Your safety, along with the safety of your passengers and other road users, could depend directly on the condition of your car’s tyres.

It is your responsibility as a driver to keep your car in a roadworthy condition at all times. It is easy to look after your tyres with some effortless maintenance.

If you spot any issues, or your tyres don’t have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, they need replacing. Factors that affect tyre wear are:

  1. Your driving style
  2. Tyre maintenance
  3. Bad roads
  4. Load in your vehicle

All tyres will eventually need replacing. They are best replaced in complete sets or a set of two.


What are the Most Common Tyre Issues?


Let’s have a look at a few pointers that will help you identify a worn tyre:

  1. Uneven tread wear
  2. Tyre pressure issues
  3. Cracks, sidewall or tread punctures, bulges
  4. Under or over-inflation
  5. Driving at speed
  6. Wear and tear

If you have low tread depth, visible tyre damage, your tyres are old, or you keep losing pressure, it could be time to replace them. Get in touch with your local First Stop dealer, who will carry out a FREE tyre safety check and offer helpful advice.


Your New Tyres Must be:


  1. The right kind and size for your car
  2. Properly inflated
  3. Free from defects
  4. Have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm


How to Know Which Tyres to Buy?


Tyre shopping can be quite daunting. All the tyres look the same, but the prices vary. So how do you know which tyres to buy? There are some questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a new set of tyres.

  1. Do I use my car for city driving, rural driving, or off-roading?
  2. How many tyres does my vehicle require?
  3. What tyre size do I need?
  4. Do I need a wet weather grip?

Once you have all this information, it’s time to pick a tyre that best suits your driving style and the area you live in. Your local First Stop will be happy to advise on the best tyres for you, giving you price and brand options.


General Tyre Safety Tips  


Maximise the lifespan and performance of your tyres by regularly performing tyre safety checks.

Good tyre treads are arguably the most critical factor in improving driver safety.

We recommend that you check your treads regularly. Get your tyre pressures right. Do it yourself, or call in for a FREE tyre pressure check.

When purchasing new tyres, you must buy the correct size and type for your vehicle.

It’s simple – better tyres keep you safer by keeping you in good contact with the road. If you brake heavily or corner hard, you are harming your tyres. A smoother driving style will put less stress on rubber and results in less wear.


Unsure about buying new tyres? Speak to one of our First Stop team members and get a competitive tyre quotation and arrange a fitting at a time to suit you.

Choose the best in tyre fitting. Choose First Stop Tyres & Car Services Ireland.



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